PowerVolt - Power Saving Device

PowerVolt - Power Saving Device

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What is PowerVolt?

Power Volt is a power-saving device that will reduce your electric bills by up to 90%. It can be used in any power outlet around the house, barn, garage, and even for industrial uses. If you're always getting high electricity bills every month, or if your consumption goes up during winter, this product is for you. With the price per kilowatt-hour increasing over the past three years, reaching an increase of over 30%, products like this are more and more popular with consumers. And they don't look like they will be going away any soon. Natural gas prices have also gone up in the past years, and there is no telling if the gas price or electricity price will ever stop from going up. PowerVolt can help you now more than ever!

How does PowerVolt work?

Our household devices will always use more energy than needed to run because of the amount of noise on the sine wave it produces, making it inefficient.

This energy-saving device decreases this noise resulting in less electricity wasted. This does not mean that your use of energy will decrease, making any changes on your meter. It will just use it more efficiently, without any more power losses. PowerVolt has almost no energy consumption.

Why Choose PowerVolt

The outlet is easy to use and very practical. All you have to do is plug it in. It has an LED light that will turn green once the device turns on and begins saving energy. 

PowerVolt also prevents electrical overheating when appropriately used. The device is manufactured with fire-proof materials and internal leak protection. 

Is it safe to use the device?

YES! It is safe, and legal. Power companies will not like it, as they have been hiding this method for a long long time, but they can't do anything about it because it is perfectly legal to use. 

Where and how to use PowerVolt Power Saver

You can use the power-saver anywhere. Once plugged in, it will start to reduce consumption. You can use it in your home, even if it is a house or apartment, or even a condominium. You can use it for commercial and industrial use also. PowerVolt works well in restaurants, Caffe shops, offices, small factories, auto shops, and so on.

Even with all these benefits, there are no savings for heating appliances like electric stoves, cookers, etc.


Because PowerVolt is so small and easy to use, you can plug it in any power outlet around your home. If your home is larger than usual, we recommend that you place the Power Volt electricity saving device closer to your breaker box, and additional units a little further. Usually, we recommend using one PowerVolt device per 500 square feet. If your home is bigger than two bedrooms, more than two devices are required to achieve their maximum potential.

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