EFFUEL - Eco OBD2 Fuel Saving Device
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Why choose EFFuel: The Eco EFFUEL OBD2 device will help you reduce your Gas Consumption to up to 35% while actually improving your throttle.

How to install: The EFFuel Device is Plug and Play. This means that all you have to do is plug it into your ECU(electronic control unit) usually located between the pedals and the steering wheel.
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What is EFFuel?

With the price per gallon increasing over the past few years, people have long started for the search of devices that will help them save money. The search is over! That device is finally here: EFFuel is a Fuel Saving Device that will help you reduce your fuel consumption by up to 35%. The device can be used on all cars, as it uses the standard ECU OBD2 socket present in all cars for diagnostics and remapping. The Fuel Saving Device will need around 150 miles of driving after installation so it can start automating the savings process based on your engine's parameters and your driving behavior. If you have more drivers on a single car the device can build up to 3 profiles and identify the driver autmatically.

Start saving money with EFFuel Today!
You can save up to 35% more Fuel with EFFuel. Why not start today and join thousands of people that have already started saving money on the gas pump?
AI Adaptable Configuration
After installation, EFFuel needs around 150 miles of usage to understand your car's behavior and adapt to your driving style so it can start saving efficiently without compromising throttle.
100% Compatibility
EFFuel is connected directly to your car's ECU. The socket is standard on all cars. The OBD2 socket was made standard in 1996 in the US, so all cars made after 1996 are compatible!
No power compromises
The Fuel Saver uses almost no power, so you won't have to worry about your car's battery health.
No throttle loss
The Fuel saver does not compromise your throttle, it actually increases it! It tweaks the car's parameters so that your car will have the same torque or more, with less fuel consumption.
Improved Performance
The EFFuel device will enhance the performance of the car by remapping the ECU, adjusting the boost pressure, injection timings and fuel injection. This all adds up to a more efficient system that will save fuel keeping all the other "fun" things of your vehicle still active!
It doesn't affect your Engine
Our product works within the tolerance of the engine and does not apply any permanent settings to your ECU. Your factory settings are applied as soon as you disconnect EFFuel.
Free Shipping
Worldwide Free Shipping
Free Support
24/7 Help Desk
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World's most secure payment methods
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

How EFFuel Works

EFFuel is the modern remapping. Remember when people used to take their car to the shop to update their software and give them extra torque/hp? Only back then, you actually had to swap your car's ECU microchip in order for you to mod your car's settings. Well, we can leave all that in the past, as everything has become much more easier as technology advanced, and now we can even send data about our car's diagnostics directly to our smart phones with the help of a small device that connects to your OBD2 socket. While everyone was increasing their torque, we shifted our focus on fuel saving. In a world where fuel prices are continuously growing, and the rise of electric cars on the market, people have long started to search for cheaper solutions. That's when EFFuel was created. Why not teach the engine how to consume less while maintaining your torque? And that's what we did. A small device that connects to your car's ECU through the OBD2 port that learns your engine's parameters as you drive and updates your settings continuously to maintain a fuel consumption efficiency of up to 35%. The device will need around 150 miles of driving before it can start making changes. The AI software needs enough parameters collected to compare with the manufacturer's parameters and to begin optimisation.

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Why is saving fuel important?

We think the first thing that comes to anyone's mind when thinking about saving fuel is money. But it goes far beyond that. When you save fuel, you don't save just the money you saved on. the actual fuel, you save on oil changes also. As your car will consume less fuel, it will also consume less oil. Because oil is a non-renewable resource, so we cannot consume it with at the same pace as we are doing now, or we will run out before having the chance to discover more sustainable alternatives. But enough about money, what about our earth? Did you know that vehicles release up to 1.7 billion of tons of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere per year? If we can consume less fuel, that means we will decrease the pollution as well.
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Find anything you want to know about our product and tips to make you get more gas mileage
Does EFFuel work for Diesel, or just Petrol?
Yes. We have two separate devices, one for gas and one for diesel. Please select the right model for your car before checking out.
Can I return if not satisfied?
Yes. If you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it within 30 days. Please read our Return Policy for more information about returning your order.
Does EFFuel come with any warranty?
Yes. All our products come with 2 years warranty. Please contact us at service@geteffuel.com for any issues regarding your product.
Will I lose torque if I use EFFuel?
No. The AI software will need around 150 miles for it to learn about your car's parameters so it can increase your torque while actually saving fuel.
Is EFFuel compatible with my car?
Our device is compatible with all cars that were made after 1996. This means that all cars made in the US were manufactured with the standard OBD2 outlet that is used for accessing the car's ECU for servicing or diagnostics.